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With more residents and visitors coming to Frankston every year, our bay is busier than ever before. Frankston Coast Guard responded to more than 150 incidents in the past year alone, and the number of people out on the water is rapidly increasing.

Currently, no safe refuge exists in Frankston for Coast Guard and Police boats. Vessels are currently deployed from Patterson River, Sandringham or Williamstown, delaying rescues by up to 100 minutes, or preventing them in adverse weather. On top of that, the Coast Guard’s operations centre has recently been condemned, with services and rescues currently being coordinated out of temporary
council facilities.

We have a plan to get this fixed.

A new safe boat refuge and training centre will allow Frankston Coast Guard to respond to emergencies quickly while providing safe mooring for all marine vessels.

The new facility will include:

  • A new safe boat refuge for Coast Guard, Police and other boats

  • Training facilities for small boat operators

  • Public amenities, including new toilets and kiosk

Projects of this size can’t be funded by Council alone – we need the state and federal governments to contribute.

How can you help achieve this?

We need your help to let politicians from all sides know that this project means a lot to our community.

You can do this by:

  • Signing up to receive updates on Council’s Future Frankston campaign below

  • Writing to your local Member of Parliament (State and Federal) and candidates expressing what this project will mean to you (and/or the community)

  • Spreading the word on social media by sharing posts by Council and using the hashtag #FutureFrankston

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