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Imagine having to set up and pack down hundreds of kilograms of equipment every time you wanted to play a sport. For Frankston City’s gymnasts, that’s a regular weeknight.
Gymnastics is the fastest growing participation sport in Victoria, and one of the most popular with women and girls, but has no community facilities anywhere in the Frankston region.
We need a permanent home for gymnastics in Frankston, with proper equipment and support facilities to help local gymnasts thrive.

Founded in 1891, Frankston Tennis Club is one of the oldest in Australia, with hundreds of members playing every week. But as Frankston grows, the current courts have been acquired to make way for an expansion of Frankston Hospital.

We all know the hospital needs to expand, but it shouldn’t mean tennis players are left with nowhere to play. We need a regional tennis centre as a new home for Frankston and Frankston East tennis players.

We have a plan to fix this.

Working with local clubs, Frankston City Council has developed a plan to build a new home for gymnastics and tennis at Centenary Park. Designed from the ground-up for both sports, this project will make Frankston City a regional hub for gymnastics and tennis for generations.
The new facility will include:

  • A dedicated, fully-equipped gymnastics centre
  • 16 new, competition-ready tennis courts
  • Female-friendly change rooms, a cafeteria and function spaces

With a projected 172,000 participant visits every year, the new Centenary Park will easily cater for the needs of two of Victoria’s highest participation sports.

This project is shovel-ready

We’re serious about this project. That’s why Frankston City Council has invested in completing all major planning work, consulted with key stakeholders, and committed more than $11 million of our own budget to getting this facility built.
But projects of this size can’t be funded by Council alone – we need the state and federal governments to contribute. That’s why we’re asking politicians to contribute a fair share of funding. It’s fair, it’s easy, and it’ll get this urgent project started right away.

But we need your help.

Frankston City Council has been advocating strongly for this project, but we can’t do it alone.

If we’re going to convince politicians to take action, we need to show them that this project matters to residents and families in our community. With all kinds of people taking part in our campaign, adding your voice will show local politicians that we need action on this project urgently.